Welcome to Right Blend Investing

Right Blend Investing, LLC (RBI) is a registered investment advisor. Our services include investment management, trust and estate, and customized 401(k) plans for individuals and business owners. We specialize in portfolio construction using alternative mutual funds and ETFs.

The firm is independently owned, and acts as a fiduciary for clients. Our standard fee is 1% of assets under management, and our hourly fees range from $50 to $250.

What We Offer


Investment Services

Right Blend believes that creating the “right blend” of assets is an ongoing process for each and every client. So your portfolio adapts as your needs evolve and as the market changes.



Client-based Solutions

We use a holistic, integrated approach to wealth management. So whether your goals are lifetime income, asset protection, or multi-generational wealth, we can help grow and protect your assets.