Alternative Investments

Right Blend Investing’s approach to alternatives reflects new perspectives about portfolio management, as shown in the exhibit below. These perspectives are the foundation of our investment philosophy, and they provide our framework for the…

  1. Role of alternatives in client portfolios
  2. Allocation to each category of alternatives
  3. Selection process for specific alternative funds

The founder of Right Blend Investing, Robert Martorana, has published over 500 pages of research since 2011 as a Senior Analyst at Strategic Insight. This includes the SI Alternatives Study 2013 TOC. We believe that our clients benefit from this research, which includes the latest thinking in the use of alternative investments for retail investors.

The Evolution of Portfolio Management


Right Blend Investing uses a variety of alternative mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). These include strategies such as managed futures, global macro, and long/short equity. We use these funds to diversify, to hedge risk, and to increase potential returns.

Sample Portfolio with Alternatives