Your Investment Goals

filler …

This is where we want the four headings—Asset Protection, Diversified Growth, Lifetime Income, and Multi-Generational Wealth—to link. We want four drop down tabs from Your Investment Goals for each of those headings. Will you be able to make it so that someone can click on the picture on the homepage to link to its designated page? Ex: if someone clicks on the picture for diversified growth on the homepage, it will link to the Diversified Growth page under Your Investment Goals

-Can the pictures from the homepage be faded in the background under Your Investment Goals? Ex: The asset protection picture on the homepage would be faded in the background in its tab under Your Investment Goals. If it can’t be faded, I’d like it to still have some role, so that it shows continuity from the homepage to the page that gets more into specifics. I trust your asthetic opinion in deciding how it will best look; just remember that there will also be one graphic along with the content.

-For now you can put filler content under each tab, we will get you the content and graphics shortly.

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