ERISA Plan Services


Right Blend Investing offers customized 401(k) plans for small businesses. Please see this presentation for a full description of our services.

Mandatory fee disclosures

The compensation of RBI for the services are described in detail in Schedule A of the Erisa Plan Agreement. The Plan is obligated to pay the fees, however the Plan Sponsor may elect to pay the fees. The Adviser does not reasonably expect to receive any additional compensation, directly or indirectly, for its services under this Agreement. If additional compensation is received, the Adviser will disclose this compensation, the services rendered, and the payer of compensation. The Adviser will offset the compensation against the fees agreed upon under this Agreement.

The annual fees are based on the market value of the Included Assets. The initial fee will be based on the market value of the Plan assets as calculated by the custodian or recordkeeper of the Included Assets on the first business day of the initial fee period and will be due on the first business day of the fee period. If the services to be provided start any time other than the first day of a quarter, the fee will be prorated based on the number of days remaining in the initial fee period. Thereafter, the fee will be based on the market value of the Plan assets on the last business day of the previous fee period (without adjustments for anticipated withdrawals by Plan participants or other anticipated or scheduled transfers or distribution of assets) and will be due the following business day. If this Agreement is terminated prior to the end of the fee period, the Adviser shall be entitled to a prorated fee based on the number of days during the fee period services were provided. Any unearned fees shall be refunded to the Plan or Plan Sponsor.