Portfolio Management


orana, a CFA with 28 years experience.

  • 24/7 online access to your accounts via Fidelity, Charles Schwab, or TD Ameritrade.
  • Fiduciary standard ensures that we act in your best interest at all times.
  • Fee-only advice promotes objectivity.
  • Investment Philosophy

    Sound asset management is the foundation of your financial freedom. Right Blend believes that creating the “right blend” of assets is an ongoing process for each client, and is part of an enduring relationship. This relationship benefits from our extensive experience, uncompromising integrity, and commitment to exceptional service.

    After an initial assessment of your goals, Right Blend considers how your personal situation fits into a broader market context. At every stage in life, we evaluate how your finances may be impacted by the economic cycle, long-term investment trends, new financial solutions, and the current outlook for global capital markets.

    The result is a customized asset allocation blend for each client, and a customized blend of products and services. Right Blend continually adjusts the asset mix as your needs evolve over time, and as the capital market itself changes. This fluid approach to asset allocation reflects Post-Modern Portfolio Theory (PMPT), which assumes that the historic volatility of returns is just one aspect of investment risk. This means that a “conservative” or “aggressive” risk profile is just one step in the asset allocation process, which requires comprehensive reviews by a trusted advisor for optimal results.

    Our focus at Right Blend Investing is on asset management, so we work with a variety of brokerage firms to handle back office activities. Your assets will be held in custody at the firm of your choice, so you will have all of their tools and services. We take a holistic approach to financial planning, looking at your income, assets, liabilities, tax situation, time-horizon, and risk tolerance. This provides a financial picture. We also discuss your career, your family, and your outside business activities. This provides a personal picture. Our integrated approach improves the likelihood that you will achieve your goals, whether this includes retirement planning, educational financing, or trust and estate planning.

    Unlike most firms, Right Blend Investing emphasizes using your goals as a motivational tool. Financial plans can feel like a burden, since they focus on budgeting, discipline, and denial. We shift the focus to your aspirations, so that your vision of the future fuels your progress. Saving and investing is a positive choice, and one you should feel good about. This is especially true when we help you “invest in your beliefs.”